working with newcomers to our country

Working with New People to Canada or the US

·         It is beneficial if we are able to use a strengths based approach and look for the strengths people we seek to work with already have

·         In many cases newcomers are unaware of services that are offered in their communities that can assist the settlement process

·         Connecting them to these services and helping them access them is of great value

·         Women immigrants are more likely to seek help if the helper is female and speaks the same language. Researcher Barbara Cottrell (2008)

·         Establishing trust by offering friendship goes a long way, simple things like spending time practicing English speaking skills is often greatly appreciated

·         Asking them about their own culture and having a posture of learning also demonstrates respect and care as these relationships flourish.

Thank you to Erika Abele of Oasis Dufferin Community Centre in Toronto for these tips!