Practical Steps to minister to widows

  1. Consider the whole being of the widow and how her life has changed. Minister to her socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Include her and do not allow her to become isolated or excluded.
  2. Assign a deacon to her care to check on her frequently. 
  3. Plug the widow into support programs, such as GriefShare, to help process grief and provide counseling within a safe environment.
  4. Provide avenues for a widow to connect with other widows and build new relationships. 
  5. Help her find meaning and purpose in life by empowering her to serve. 
  6. Encourage her to connect on Facebook at Phoebe Connections for encouragement and support.


Women who are willing to give you input in working with widows:

Ronda Martin  

Rhonda is the president of the Phoebe Connections Board of Directors, a ministry to widows in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Elaine Pearson  

Elaine also works with Phoebe Connections
ekellerp@bellsouth.net // 615-443-7375