NABWU: Encouraging women to live out kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable

NABWU is a women's network that reaches throughout Canada and the United States, encouraging and engaging Baptist women from 16 different member bodies.

NABWU is an an acronym for North American Baptist Women's Union. We are the North American branch of the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department.

“NABWU has a strong voice. Can we work together with our voices to make a bigger difference? Not in a riotous, demanding way, but as God’s voice speaking into the world in which we live?”
— Moreen Sharp, NABWU President

There are so many people in our world who need Jesus' love.


To encourage women to live out Kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable

We can help you in your work with the vulnerable in 4 ways:

God is working to heal hearts and lives through Baptist women across Canada and the US!

we are considering the possibility of a new name!

Please read this important letter. We'd love to hear from you about it!


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