UN Commission on the Status of Women

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meets in New York every March and you are invited.

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alaa // youth in syria

In 2013, Alaa, an American Syrian teen, heard of the plight of other teens like her in Syria who were in dire straits due to the war against the regime. She asked, “What can I do?” looked around her room, saw her laptop and began a revolution on social media with the youth in Syria, getting their word out to the world through videos sent to CNN and other broadcasts.


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binta // immigration & reform

Binta, a young Sengalize woman, came alone to America for a brighter future. Poor, and a hair braider, someone saw her intelligence and potential, took her under their wing and helped her get an education. “What can I do?” she asked. Now a lawyer she is helping illegal immigrants gain green card status and has started a foundation to stop female genital mutilation.

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deborah // anti-trafficking

Deborah Sigmund was visiting Europe several years ago and heard about human trafficking. Mortified she thought—my daughter is the age of those girls! It could be her! “What can I do?” she asked. And began to work on educating the public. Now her organization is the only one airlines use to train their airline staff as to what signs to watch for with passengers who may be captured and brought to America or other countries. (www.innocentsatrisk.org)

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nadia // freed sex slave

Nadia Murad Basee Tahuwas captured as a sex slave for ISIS. Now that she has escaped, she asked “What can I do? Over 3000 women are still being enslaved as I was!” She has been speaking any place she can for the last three months (March 2016), calling people to know and to help.

9000 women from across the globe meet every year in March at the United Nations in New York for the Commission on the Status of Women which runs for almost 2 weeks. These and hundreds of other stories are told as women share how they are making a difference through around 75 sessions to choose from each day. 

we CAN make a difference!

All these come through as we meet together. Even though the majority of the women and groups represented are not Christians, it gives us a much deeper understanding of the issues we, as Baptist women, are also dealing with across our globe and gives ideas as to what can be done. By anyone. By average women who love God and want to exercise HIS heart and share His much needed love in a hurting world!

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) includes representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC. Accredited non-governmental organizations from all regions of the world will attend the session.   If you are interested in attending the UNCSW which runs from March 12-23, 2018, contact Moreen Sharp at womenbwa@bwawd.org. Space is limited. Registration runs from November 28 to March 3, 2018. You must register but there is no registration fee.