An open letter to New Dreams Registrants

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important news we want you to know!


We are so glad that you are planning to come to New Dreams: NABWU Assembly 2017! We are excited about the conference and know that it will be a rich time of learning, growing, being enriched and challenged as we all seek God together. I wonder what New Dreams He will challenge you with while we are together?! I wonder which part will be most stimulating for you? A speaker? The workshops? The simulation station? Networking times with those who share your passion? Whatever it is, we pray it will be a time blessed by God!

We would love to have a lot of younger women come! Do you know they often need a personal invitation to come? Why not invite someone to come with you? Or better yet, offer to cover part of her cost! We are offering free childcare for children up to 4 just because we would really love to be able to build into these young women’s lives with a lot of good input to refresh and inspire!

We do have to have a little business while we are together. We will be voting in the new officers for the next 5 year term! You will have opportunity to meet this new team!


We also may be voting on a new name for NABWU! We wanted you to know this ahead of time!

Here is the information:


As you know, NABWU stands for North American Baptist Women’s Union and is one of seven branches of the Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department. We have a rich history of connecting Baptist women in North America and around the world. The first branch of the BWA Women’s Department was formed in 1948 in Europe as the European Baptist Women’s Union. Ours was the second branch to be formed and NABWU’s first continental assembly was held in 1953. The purpose of changing our name is not to ignore history, but to move us into a future that is changing for the world.


The suggestion for the name change could possibly be

Baptist Women of North America.


The reasons for this possible name change would be:

1. North American Baptist Women’s Union can be very confusing because of the use of “North American Baptist,” as one of our member bodies is North American Baptist Women’s Ministry. It would add much clarity to this situation.

2.  European Baptist Women’s Union is currently considering changing their name to European Baptist Women.

3. Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department is also in talks about adjusting some other names as well.

3. While we are indeed a “union” of 16 member bodies, “Union” tends to be a more dated term. Taking "Union" out of the name clarifies that we are more than just an organization.  Organizations are not a positive thing in the mindsets of many and especially of the younger generation of women. We are an entity or a movement that connects Baptist women in North America.

4. It would give us the chance to have a fresh new image in keeping with our changing culture.


All of this being the case, we understand that we are in a new day, and a new era. Things change with time and we have to be ready to move when that time comes. The question is: is this the time?


You may have the opportunity to help us decide that!


The idea of a name change has yet to be discussed more fully by the NABWU Executive Board at our board meeting which will be held October 19, just prior to the kickoff for Assembly in Toronto. If the board decides to move ahead with this, we will present it for a vote at the business meeting which will be held at this Assembly. You will have a chance to vote at that time.

We would like to hear your comments regarding this. We know this is a big step and we certainly are not wanting to erase the past. We are striving to be the same Christ-focused Baptist women’s collaboration that will be even more effective as we go into the future.

If you would like to give your input, please send these questions or thoughts to me, Moreen Sharp at

There will also be some minor changes in the bylaws which will also be voted on at the upcoming Assembly. These will be presented while there.


Are you ready? New Dreams will be here before we know it! We will see you there!


Serving together,

Moreen Sharp


North American Baptist Women’s Union



NABWU: Encouraging women to live out kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable

This is accomplished through Networking, Mentoring, Resourcing and Grants.