Are you a leader of a ministry to the vulnerable? We network Baptist women who are working in the areas of:

  • Disempowered women
  • Leadership Development
  • Poverty
  • Prison Ministry/Ex-Offenders
  • Human Trafficking/prostitution
  • Immigrants/refugees
  • Youth at Risk
  • Cross Cultural Work
  • Refugees/New Immigrants
  • Creative Arts
  • Trauma
  • Widows

See who is currently part of our Networking Groups in this downloadable PDF.

Join a network to connect with other Baptist women in your type of work. This can be a source of encouragement, a place to share prayer concerns, and to get input, advice and ideas for your ministry. BWNA is uniquely suited to network women since we are a collaboration of 17 Baptist Women's Organizations!

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Networking Group Request

Let us know if you would like to join a network of women who are leading a ministry in your line of work!

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