UPTICK NABWU

Uptick: “an asset that appreciates with investment”

Uptick NABWU is an intense mentoring and development program that NABWU has launched in conjunction with Spence Network, with a chosen 11 amazing young women. These women have already demonstrated significant potential for leading high-impact ministries in the future and show strong qualities of an enthusiastic love for God and using their gifts of leadership in the world. God is already using these young women to make a difference in their spheres and it is our joy to build them a ramp, so to speak, which will build them up, helping them rise to even greater potential spiritually, relationally and in leadership practice which is critical to thriving in leadership.

This program is a year in length and the women are participating in monthly get-togethers, three times face to face and the rest of the times through video-conference "Huddles." During these times they are being taught by high quality instructors who are encouraging them to grow through spiritual disciplines and application of the Word for personal renewal and leadership practice. They will have opportunity to build strategic networks, friendships and peer groups which will continue to develop their leadership skills.

You can help! The expenses of this initiative, including all of the costs for the participants, are being covered. If you would like to participate in this through your financial help, please contact Ruby at networking@nabwu.org or mail your donation to our address. Thank you!

Uptick NABWU schedule

February 20th: Huddle

March 20th: Huddle

April 18 - 21: Uptick Gathering in Waco, Texas

May 22nd or 24th: Huddle

June 20-23: Uptick Gathering in Charlottesville, VA

July 24th: Huddle

August 21st: Huddle

September 18th: Huddle

October 16-19th: Uptick Gathering in Toronto at New Dreams: NABWU Assembly 2017

November 6th: Closing Huddle

Please be in prayer for these young women as we go through this year together!