Leadership Team

BWNA is a collaboration of the Women's Departments of seventeen member bodies.  The Executive Director and/or President of each member body makes up the BWNA Executive Board. This collaboration includes well over 4 million Baptist women across North America.

The NABWU Board

The NABWU Board

Officers 2017–2022

Six officers carry out the day to day operations of NABWU:



tanikka sheppard

President// Dr. TaNikka Marie Sheppard is a mentor, minister and spiritual leader who helps churches, organizations and institutions positively engage and lead the next generations.

She has had the opportunity to speak, serve and study in venues around the United States and in a variety of countries, including Canada, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany and India.  Read More . . .



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jemell moriah

Vice President of Day of Promotion, Project Grants and Prayer Partners// Jemell Moriah is a retired social worker who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with her husband Lionel, a retired pastor and professor. She and her husband have five grown children and six grandchildren.

Jemell was born and raised in Guyana, South America where she received the Lord Jesus Christ as her saviour as a teenager.  During the early years of her Christian walk, she was influenced by a missionary affiliated with the...  Read More . . .


lakeeyna cooper

Vice President of Networking, Leadership Development and Mentoring// LaKeeyna S. Cooper, a native of Tinton Falls, New Jersey. She is the partner in marriage and ministry of Pastor Kenneth D. Cooper, Senior Servant Leader of Christian Faith Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are the proud parents of two children, D’Shaun and Kennedy.

LaKeeyna was educated in the Tinton Falls Public School System. She received...  Read more...


renee james

Vice President of Communications and Promotion// Since 2007, Renee James has been the communications director for Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec (CBWOQ) and editor of its award-winning magazine live. Prior to this position, she spent 19 years working her way up the ladder at two of Canada’s largest ad agencies and another seven years as administrative pastor at a downtown Toronto Convention Baptist church.  Read more...



corinne r. skerritt

Treasurer// Corinne Skerritt is a Revenue Officer with the US Dept. of Treasury. She has been working in Collections since 1982 as field personnel.  As a Revenue Officer, she is in civil law enforcement where her responsibilities include collection of outstanding federal taxes and returns through various methods including analysis information and investigative searches; determination of case resolution; preparation of tax cases for submission to tax court.

In addition to her regular duties assisting individuals and business clients, she has also been a classroom instructor an...  Read more...