Human Trafficking/Prostitution

Five ways that you can make a difference in the area of human trafficking:

  1. Lead (or ask your church if someone could lead) this Anti-Trafficking study.
  2. Put up notices in women's restrooms in your local truck stop
  3. Help financially with a group already working against this (If you need some examples, see our Directory of Baptist women who are leading ministries in anti-human trafficking and prostitution.
  4. Take an online training course.
  5. Pray. Here is a prayer guide you can use. 

See even more resources here on our human trafficking resource page.


Women who would be willing to give you input:

Sandra Johnson

Sandra is the president and founder of Triad Ladder of Hope Ministry // (336) 906-3844

Emily Fitchpatrick

Emily is the president and founder of On Eagles Wings Ministries // (828) 489-7792

Tomi Grover

Tomi is the founder of TraffickStop (also see // (214) 418-8318