Waging war against human trafficking!

Join the collaboration mobilizing 4 million women from across North America with 16 Baptist denominations/organizations increasing our awareness, advocacy and action, together! 

Over 4 million women!  Imagine that kind of witness...ALL of us joining forces for one cause. 


How do we begin?

It's so easy!


  • Bring posters or brochures (see below) to the manager at local hotels/motels, service stations and truck stops requesting their participation, using it to inform their staff about what to look for and what to do or to put posters in restrooms. 
  • Have posters handy to give to taxi drivers

Download or email requests

In the United States: download resources from these links: 

Poster for managers and restrooms: National Human Trafficking Resource Center
The above poster in multiple languages
Flyer: National Human Trafficking Resource Center
Posters, Brochures, Wallet Cards: Truckers Against Trafficking (great for managers and employees)
Multiple resources: Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign


In Canada: download resources from these links:

Resourced from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Poster 1 for women's restroom

Poster 2 for women's restrooms (victim poster)
Brochure for managers and employees


For more ideas on what to do to fight trafficking, see this additional page of resources on Human Trafficking.