Evangeline Hammond

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getting to know Evangeline

Evangeline is the co-founder of Casa, an intentional community house based out of low-income housing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2014, Evangeline organized Love the City YYC, a conference to connect and equip faith-based groups looking to practically help their communities flourish. She has dabbled in the field of community development and community ministries for 6 years, and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree researching neo-monastic communities and the potential of intentional living houses to be used for urban poverty reduction. Evangeline is passionate about transformational hospitality, “guerrilla gardening”, intercultural connections, and above all passing on great stories.

when you will hear from evangeline

Evangeline will be leading a workshop on "Being Jesus in your Neighborhood" coming from her experience in the intentional community house she has been a part of. it will be a practical session as we can all consider how we can "be Jesus" better in our neighborhood and community. This will be held on Friday from 10:30-12.