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Dr. Ksenija MAgda, President, BWA Women's Department (2015-2020), croatia 

Since I can remember (and my mom claims even before that) I have wanted to become a pastor's wife. And that's what I got! Toma and I have been in ministry together since 1982, at first as lay youth leaders in Belgrade and later as a ministry couple in the Baptist Church of Osijek, Croatia until 2016. I have come through all stages of ministry--from cleaning the church and decorating to children's and youth work to women's work, preaching and teaching. They even elected me the first woman Executive member in the Baptist Union for a term, and then also president of the Croatian Baptist Women and kept me there for 16 years. Toma and I initiated and organized all sorts of events and have been active in many projects of the Baptist Union of Croatia. We have even served the European Baptist Family at times. Looking back, it s all too amazing.

In my free time (or is it the other way around - sometimes it is difficult to tell) I hold a tenured position of Professor of the New Testament at the University of Zagreb (Protestant Theology). I love the work with students. They challenge me and keep me humble. Sometimes I even think I try to make up to them what I missed doing with our own children! However, God has been gracious and Speranca, Kristian, Tamara  and Ela have grown up to be wonderful adults with ministries and faith of their own. They have brought us more great young adults into the family: Andrej, Elaine, Ian and Elvis - all of them are of different nationalities! You can bet it is the best of times to have all of them around our dining table!

If that is not possible, I find my joy in books. Finding a quiet spot and reading novels is my favorite relaxation; that and spending time at the Baptist Camp Cinta on the island of Ugljan, Croatia. There is no place more peaceful than Cinta! (You should consider a visit. Seriously!)


when you will hear from Ksenija:

Ksenija will be our keynote speaker on Friday morning and Saturday morning

Ksenija will also give a short report on the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department on Friday morning

She will give a charge to the new officers on Sunday afternoon.

You are also invited to a luncheon with Ksenija on Saturday at noon to get to know her more through her story of her life and more about the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department of which NABWU is the North American arm (11:30-1:30). If interested you will need to register for this separately on your Assembly Registration form ($30 CAD or $25 USD)