2018 BWNA
Day of Prayer Project Grant Recipients

Through your giving at the November 2018 Day of Prayer, these ministry projects will be supported. Read more about each project in the 2018 issue of The Tie.

club encourage // $2500

Supports and encourages wives of church planters. (WMU, Central Region of Pennsylvania)

child literacy initiative // $4500

Mentors disadvantaged children to enhance literacy and improve their reading skills.  (American Baptist Women's Ministries)

rECESS // $4000

Focuses on parents of children with special needs by offering them a respite through providing hours of focused and stimulating care for their children. (Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec)

g00d neighbours // $4500

Provides training and leadership development for two Baptist women called to live and work in the Good Neighbor Settlement House in Waco, Texas. (WMU, Texas)


A holistic, family-centered ministry that ministers to pregnant teens and young mothers. (Atlantic Baptist Women)

widening the focus // $4000

This project focuses on the connection between pornography, prostitution and human trafficking and how these industries impact women and girls. (Women in Focus, Western Canada)

uptick // $4500

A year-long investment in the discipleship and leadership development of high-capacity young women leaders who have the ability to lead Baptist networks in the future. (WMU, Virginia)