Day of Prayer Ideas

Ideas to Help YOU “Arise, Shine through transformation”

The 2018 Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer is November 5, but it can also be celebrated any time of the month. Here are a few ways to reinvigorate your Day of Prayer celebration:


Accept the 10-10-10 Challenge

CHALLENGE at least ten women to GATHER at least ten women and give at least $10. Prior to the Day of Prayer we are asking you to invite ten women to participate in the Day of Prayer by gathering ten of their female family members, friends and/or loved ones to pray using the Day of Prayer Guide. As a part of the prayer gathering we also challenge each person to donate at least $10 to the Day of Prayer fund.


Join the 24 Hour Day of Prayer Vigil on Facebook

Join the BWA Women's Department on their Facebook Page on November 5th. There you will find greetings, music, thoughts and stories shared as women send information from their event as it is celebrated all over the world. It's a great way to feel connected to your global Baptist sisters on this special day!

Evening sunset service in a park or ocean side venue

Gather around a bonfire or campfire. Print prayer requests on coloured coded (to signify each participant’s prayer group) “moon” shaped cards to match the continental union colours.  Read Scripture, sing theme song, explain how the offering will be used. Give all participants a glow stick and a copy of the 2018 prayer guide as a reminder to pray weekly for Baptist women. End the evening by enjoying s’mores. 


Lighthouse theme

Provide transportation with lighthouse icons in cars to set the mood. Use lighthouse décor, lighthouse themed power point and background music with ocean sounds. Sing “The Lighthouse” or “This Little Light of Mine”. Form an acrostic of the word LIGHTHOUSE using the prayer requests. Make a cross out of tea lights during the prayer time. Serve fish sandwiches for refreshments.


Make 7 Continental Union magnets

Include the BWA WD logo, a specific prayer request, with the background as one of the 7 continental union colours. Set up 7 tables with coloured coordinated balloons or candles and continental union information and magnets on each. While visiting each table and collecting magnets, participants pause to pray using the BLESS acronym (body, labour, emotional, social, spiritual). Participants can put the magnets on their fridges as a yearlong reminder to pray for their worldwide Baptist sisters.


Saturday morning event

Serve coffee and muffins. Have a worship time which includes the theme song. Do a beaded bracelet craft. Conduct a virtual prayer walk with 7 prayer stations, one  for each continental unions. Use round tables with tea lights at each station. Display pictures, clothing or items from various continental unions. Handout bookmarks of 7 different colours when participants arrive to indicate their prayer group. After prayer walk, bring everyone back together for a time of sharing testimonies of answered prayer, the offering, closing song and prayer. 



Highlight the projects and ministry of NABWU and BWA Women’s Department to help explain the importance of the offering (details on ps. 2 and 3 of DOP program). Challenge others to set aside money throughout the year. Promote Day of Prayer in churches, encouraging anyone to give. Have ushers dressed in Continental Union colours or national dress.  


Include others

Reach out to all the women of your churches of all ages. Have more than one event throughout the year (perhaps spring and fall), at different times of the day to accommodate various women’s schedules. Ask women outside your mission group to take part (reading, sing, dramatize program testimonies), women inside the group to bring refreshments. Offer transportation to those who need it. Invite children to participate with creative drama, music, etc. Gather with other churches in your area or association. Take the prayer guide and visit and pray with an elderly women who can no longer attend.

Create atmosphere

Use dramatic or power point presentations, costumes, food and items from the continental union that has prepared the program. Display colourful pictures of each continent in the church entry way. Have a prayer breakfast with a sunrise theme or host a potluck dinner at sunset.  


Community Prayer Walk

Walk around your neighborhood, praying for the continental unions as well as the people and ministries in your area (such as first responders, military, refugees, indigenous peoples, pregnancy centres, homeless shelters.) 


Whatever your Day of Prayer looks like, please ensure that two essential active ingredients: prayer and giving, flow throughout your celebration. Have fun planning!

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