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Email Darlene at  treasurer@nabwu.org

Email Darlene at treasurer@nabwu.org

Darlene McGilberry


Darlene McGilberry has a proven record of sound financial stewardship. In 2009, she completed a 36-year career with the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. At the time of her retirement, she was manager, budget and administration. Now she is poised to use these skills on a new journey with NABWU.

Described as "a level-headed, highly skilled, dedicated team player," she is patient, compassionate, committed, and ready to provide "a shoulder to lean on." She has been working on mission projects with women of other National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. churches in her Association.

"This experience has allowed me to encourage other women in my church to become active as well," she says. As a "senior" leading Women's Day in her church, she has tried "to relate to the younger ones how things were in the past and how the Lord has blessed us as we step out on faith and give sacrificially now."